Free music review: Faded Giant, by Conelrad (track)

It’s free music, listen to it. I’m going to gush about this for a minute.

Faded Giant – Conelrad (Community Shelter Planning)


What’s so marvelous about this music is that it manages to contain the spirit of ambient sonic wallpaper without being unimportant. At first, it’s an unremarkable, staticky drone, typical ambient material, but its simple, huge tones graduate deliberately until the listener cannot help but be affected.

I’m coming out of a dark forest into a wide expanse of ruined trees and hollow buildings, half obscured in poisoned mists. It is the discovery of something beautiful and horrible at the same time, after the fallout has sifted to below the soil, and the suffering of bodies has long since faded. Likely, this image is brought on by the combination of the artist’s name (Conelrad), and the frighteningly calm album title (Community Shelter Planning), the album cover (shown above), and finally, having recently completed Half Life, Episode 2…


So, yes, perhaps my interpretation of this track isn’t entirely original. Still an awesome track from a great album, and more than twelve minutes of it.

Conelrad‘s catalog can be sampled freely at


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