Some links for Dickie

The following are some comic links for a good friend of mine. Read on and enjoy:


Maakies is the last vestige of a wonderful web site called that was acquired and shut down in 1998 by a Texas oil company for whatever shortsighted and retarded reasons oil companies do things. Maybe they needed to hire more geologists to examine the mud near gas stations or something.

Maakies trade paperback imprint

At any rate, Maakies is a lovingly drawn comic that I’ve been enjoying for ten years. The two main characters are an alcoholic crow and monkey, serving aboard a ship sometime in the 16 or 1700’s. It’s lost a little bit of its snap, but its author, Tony Millionaire, has managed to spin it off into a small collection of quality self-contained books, some safe for kids, some not so much. It’s a damn shame that the web site’s images are so low-res, because the artwork deserves a much larger canvas.


Freak Angels

Freak Angels is a comic experiment in progress by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield, who are British comic guys, which means I’m doubly unaware of how famous they may or may not be (since I don’t live in Britain and don’t really read comics). The experiment part is that the comic is currently still being written and drawn, with six new pages roughly every week or so, given out freely online. As the individual volumes are being completed, they are put on sale. The comic set in a post-apocolyptic future area of London, mostly flooded, and a community of people protected by a small group of 20-something emo types with strange powers. It’s not bad for being free.

freakangels, page one

This serial comic is notable for being free and rather beautifully illustrated, and supporting the nice high resolution such illustrations deserve.

Shmobots and 2 Guns

BOOM! Studios has decided to serialize a number of its comics for free. I haven’t gotten too far into any of them, but highlights seem to include Shmobots and 2 Guns. Shmobots is pretty dumb, but does have a robot with a giant eyeball who begins and ends everything he says with, “EYEBALLS.” As in, “EYEBALLS. THIS RESTAURANT SUCKS. EYEBALLS.” The robot’s name: Eyeballs. The illustrations are also too good for the writing.


Perry Bible Fellowship is another gorgeously-rendered strip comic that petered out about a year ago. Starting from the first, you can really see how it evolved. Unlike most strip comics, this one is notable for being actually very funny. My personal favorite:



And I simply can’t forget Achewood. This is probably the most popular webcomic out there at the moment among the hip set, but I was introduced to it a few years back by the blog. It’s about a bunch of cats who walk around like people. The art is a bit amateur but somehow lovable. The humor is really pretty unique, with bizarre and surreal arcs that somehow seem like they should be real, such as when Roast Beef is shot, killed, and lands in heaven, where he meets a girl from the 1800’s who becomes his girlfriend. They return to earth with the same casualness as if coming home from buying a scarf at a GAP store. He’s later shot to death again, only he goes to hell, where he is issued a Subaru Brat and drives to Taco Bell. Read this comic right now, it’s excellent, though per usual, the first year or so is a bit slow. In terms of writing, Chris Onstad is more prolific than I could wish to be, and about a dozen characters actually have their own blogs.

Personal note: Oh, and the character Ray? I think he’s Mike: