Civilization IV The Complete Edition: Unboxing


Yeah, it’s not nearly as interesting as the interior of Civilization: Chronicles (Fry’s was selling this edition for $20 as recently as three months ago, I could KICK myself for not getting it), but this week I spied Civilization IV: Complete on the shelves of Fry’s for the small debut discount price of $32.99, and I finally couldn’t resist, I bought it. Over the past four years, Civ IV has been lauded and enjoyed by millions of players, and I’ve avoided it because I couldn’t get myself to buy the game, the two expansions, do the old online patch hunt, and grayly-legal DRM remval. What Civ IV: Complete promises is a fully tried and patched game, complete with all available expansions and hand-selected fan mods for the most moddable Civ game ever. What finally swung me on this edition was a little decal on the back of the package: “DRM Free.” So, doctorfrog is having his first swing at Civ… as soon as he clears a few other items from his Games Queue…

For those who like such things, I’ve included a few photos of the interior of the DVD case for this edition. It’s not a huge thrill, but it includes a DRM-free DVD that can be easily copied and archived for legal personal use, a printed quickstart guide (and four huge game manuals in PDF form on the disc), and a small poster-sized, two-sided tech tree. (Manual and tech tree available for download here.) All told, it’s the bare minimum of what you’d expect from a Civ game pack-in, but it’s shiny enough and has that new-game smell:

Actually, the only other Civ game I’ve played is the massively wonderful Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri (really a Brian Reynolds design), and what I really, really, really want from Civ developer Firaxis is a true sequel to the original SMAC. Plotting the future of mankind on a hostile alien world really beats the idea of a board-game like approach to sort-of retelling humanity’s past in Civ (Rhye’s of Civilization notwithstanding). Let’s hope they get cracking on that sometime soon!