Spelunky hits version .99.9b

Oh, so close to 1.0. My personal pick for tiny game of the year, Spelunky, has been released at version .99.9b, after a slightly bumpy .99.9 version. The most noticable change is that the player character is now somewhat zippier than before, which may take some getting used to. Flares seem to have disappeared from the game, or perhaps they automatically show up in dark levels. Much as I hate dark levels, I did enjoy the challenge of getting through them with only three flares, and flares made good missiles in a pinch. Finally, the config is separated from the game executable, which means only a double-click to gameplay.

Grab gun, shoot shopkeeper, steal bombs, laugh maniacally, die hilariously.

Best update: Bombs now blow through two horizontal blocks more accurately. No more “almost” getting through two-block-thick walls! My second favorite change is that trees are now CLIMBABLE. No more getting stuck at the base of a too-tall tree with no option but to bomb your way out! Still waiting for a few other features, such as a high score/ progress saving system not reliant on the Windows Registry.

Get it here.