Quickly Toggle Mouse Sensitivity Settings with Mat

This post is a dual plug, for both the simple software solution Mat (Mouse Acceleration Toggler), and for the DonationCoder.com forums.

Mat doesn't have a GUI; it just eats, shoots, and leaves.

Download Mat here.

In short, this utility allows you to alter mouse speed and acceleration settings with a simple Windows shortcut, rather than having to open the mouse properties dialog and adjust a slider or tick a box. Just create a shortcut to the program, add your desired parameters to the shortcut (see the above screenshot for an example), and launch the shortcut anytime you need a specific mouse speed setting. I use it to toggle between a basic touchpad and a rather sensitive gaming mouse.

This utility is small, free, and best of all, immediately stops running once it completes its task.

How I Got Someone to Make This For Me, or Why DonationCoder.com Is Pretty Awesome

I have a mouse that I use for gaming, but otherwise, I prefer to use a touchpad to save my wrist some wear and tear. The problem I ran into was that my touchpad is of a different sensitivity than my mouse, and in Windows, both devices use the same mouse settings. The result was that when switching between the two devices, my pointer would either move very sluggishly, or go flying across the screen. I knew I needed something simple that could quickly toggle these settings for me.

I posted my issue on the DonationCoder forum, and very quickly received a response. A word about these guys: they know their software pretty well. Several talented and patient developers frequent the forum and are often ready with helpful advice or a solution for clearly-stated issues. Some of these guys have created literally hundreds of “Coding Snacks,” whose use cases range from the basic to the utterly arcane. In all cases, someone just like me piped up with a small, unique problem that had no prior solution, and someone stepped forward to help out.

In my case, developer Skwire came to the rescue. Within a few forum posts, I had the software I needed.

All the site asks in return is a voluntary donation that you can direct to the developers you feel most deserve it. (Or, if you’re a developer, I suppose you can donate your talent.) It’s a modest mix of capitalism and meritocracy. DonationCoder is a resource I highly recommend for when you just need that tidbit of info you can’t seem to squeeze out of a simple Google search, or have a killer idea for a tiny bit of software to make your Windows experience a little more pleasant. I know how this sounds, but when I have a few bucks to donate, you can bet that some of it will land in Skwire’s bucket.

(One more aside: the fantastic app launcher FindAndRunRobot also makes its home here. It’s better than the Run prompt, and it’s better than the massively overrated Launchy.)

Gamers who rely on different sensitivity settings when gaming or doing other tasks should instantly see the value of this software. This software should also be of interest to notebook users, who don’t always have a mouse at the ready, and must make do with the built-in touchpad.

Download Mat here.

Visit DonationCoder.com here.