Pocketmod Makes Pretty Neat Little Organizer Things

I originally discovered the Pocketmod service some time ago on Lifehacker.com. It’s an interesting little online utility that creates disposable pocket organizers that you print out on plain paper, scribble on, and throw away after about a week or so.

This is my current PocketMod setup. (I dream of a day without CamelCaps.)

The joy and guilt of PocketMod is in this disposability: it’s incredibly basic and shouldn’t last for more than a week (unless you laminate it for some reason), then, you toss it. There’s a certain elation in keeping a full-featured organizer that doesn’t need batteries, is free, and fits in a wallet. I wouldn’t try synching it with Outlook, though.

To use PocketMod, you design it yourself from a drag-n-drop Flash app, print it out, cut a slit in it, fold it, write on it, refer to it occasionally, then toss it when you’re done. It’s beautiful in its customizability, cheapness, and disposability.

It’s also ugly in its disposability and bowing to our evil capitalistic and productivity-monitoring overlords. Fine, whatever.

Me, I use one about a week every six months or so, then go back to being an organizational wreck. Better than buying a $20 planner every year that ends up with 312 blank pages.

Visit PocketMod.

View doctorfrog’s current PocketMod.


2 thoughts on “Pocketmod Makes Pretty Neat Little Organizer Things

  1. Hey Doctor Frog. Just perusing the vast expanse of your madness. Had to point out here that the $20 planner you buy once – they come with 5$ yearly refills. Interesting utility, and I suppose could be useful in a pinch, but no real advantage to it.

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