Non-horrible software: SumatraPDF

SumatraPDF isn't exciting at all. It's perfect.

SumatraPDF (free, open source, portable) – A fast, no-frills PDF reader. For a while, FoxitPDF was great for reading PDFs compared to Adobe’s overweight desktop ambassador, Adobe Reader. Now, FoxitPDF is experiencing its own irritating feature creep, including built-in advertisements for the paid version. Unlike these two jokers, SumatraPDF is a completely non-commercial, portable, free, and open source PDF reader. It made my favorites list recently when I found out that it now automatically recalls the last page of every PDF it opens, which saves much time flipping through pages.  Even if SumatraPDF is too feature-free for advanced use, it’s still worth keeping around because it’s fast and as free of irritants as cotton underwear.

Non-Horrible Software is often very small in size and sharply focused on its main use case. It is elegant in function, design, and intent. If you don’t like or need the software, removing it is simple and it leaves no mess behind. No nag screens, bloated runtime dependencies, needless skins, online activation, or other nonsense. Requirements are similar to those of Growing list of Non-Horrible Software is available right here.