Hero Core Soundtrack (Free Music by Brother Android)

Brother Android's web site is as minimalistic as his music.

The only thing better than a decent, free game is a free game and an open shot at downloading the soundtrack.

Brother Android, composer of the throwback music to the recent retro darling, Hero Core, offers the chiptune soundtrack to Hero Core, plus several other minimalist electronic albums, free.

Much like the game, the sound really reminds me of Metroid II for the Game Boy. It’s a great combination of cold space and warm buzzing from something like the original music processor on the Game Boy.

It really says something about the state of things that something as fringe as a game with 2-bit graphics, and a soundtrack to match it, are as easy to find as the current, popular big money stuff. It’s a good time to be a nerd.

Download the Hero Core Soundtrack and other albums here.