Galactic Civilizations: Ultimate Edition, Ten Bucks!

Build ships, colonize the galaxy, make enemies.

Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate has finally dropped to a price that I can rationalize paying for: $9.99 for the whole shebang.

I already have the first game and expansion ($20 at Circuit City about a year before they folded), but I have been waiting for some time for the second, final expansion to drop below $20. $10 for the complete edition is close enough.

As it’s a Stardock game, it’s only on Impulse, with a single phone-home required for initial activation, or for product updates. At this late stage, all major updates are likely to have already occurred, with one final minor update promised by the CEO and chief developer himself, Brad Wardell.

If there were a way to get the game fully installable with no DRM of any kind, that’d be sweet (Good Old Games has spoiled me mightily). But at $10, a brief installation of Impulse is worth putting up with.

Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition
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