GOG’s December Sale

This is kinda too big to not report: anti-DRM game distributor Good Old Games (gog.com) has kick-started their December sale just today, December 14. It touches nearly everything in their catalog, with a possibility of the other tidbits being similarly touched in the upcoming days.

(I also like the idea of a “December Sale” rather than a “Holiday,” “Christmas,” or “Winter” Sale. Politically correct, or simply a businesslike way of saying what it really is?)

My personal picks for best values (all under five bucks, all very good games) are available here: http://www.gog.com/en/mix/best_discounts_for_the_12_14_2010_sale

My “GOGMix” list isn’t the whole story, of course. There are dozens of others available in GOG’s catalog, at up to 50% off. I just picked the cheapest of the cheap, five bucks or less.

Finally, if you’re super cheap anyway, GOG has made the excellent top-down shooter Tyrian 2000 available for free. It was free anyway, but hey, it’s nice to have it in the GOG packaging. This brings the number of free games available on GOG to four… and the number of games I’ve gotten free from GOG to seven. These people love games.