Humble Indie Bundle: It’s Back!

Well, hot on the heels of GOG’s tempting winter sale is the fantastic game sale/charity drive that is the Humble Indie Bundle! I honestly didn’t think I’d see this again, but here it is: five new and worthy games, price completely up to you.  It’s that marvelous combination of selfishness and actual charity that doubly warms your innards. It’s better than buying a (Red) coffee cup because, not only do you know exactly how much of your money is actually going to charity, you get to decide exactly how much.

The charities are Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The EFF in particular is important, if only to paranoiacally safeguard privacy and personal rights because we’re all too busy and confused to do it ourselves, and there are really motivated people on the other side working hard to do the exact opposite.

The games for this round are:

  • Braid – a much-loved/hated platformer with a life-saving rewind function
  • Cortex Command – a chaotic, physics based robotic fortress wargame that looks incredibly awesome but is still under development. Possibly has the most potential, with the lowest chance of reaching said potential.
  • Machinarium – a solid, very modern adventure game with a lot of personality. Possibly the best-made title here, along with Osmos.
  • Osmos – a relaxing and atmospheric game involving blobs eating other blobs
  • Revenge of the Titans – possibly the only tower defense game still worth playing, with a gorgeously low-tech design (also under development)

As for me, $10 seemed like enough, but then again, I’m only interested in one game (Cortex Command, if it ever comes out of alpha).

When I made my purchase about an hour and a half ago, the charity was at $397,000. Now? $408,000. The sale has been on about a day, and will last a week.

It also has to be said that, though I am supplying a portion of the capital, the developers themselves are donating much more: these are professionally developed games, and in some cases, they represent a very large portion of their income. And they’re letting us pick the prices (which are guaranteed to be quite low).

Humble Bundle


2 thoughts on “Humble Indie Bundle: It’s Back!

  1. Did you try Cortex Command? I couldn’t get a lot out of it. Liked the idea, really wanted to like the game. It just seemed so clunky. I usually play roguelikes so not that kind of clunk. Sort of unplayable clunk.

    Clunkity clunk

  2. I never made it out of the tutorial for CC. It was the biggest disappointment; me and a friend used to draw opposing forts on our binders, with bigger weapons, armies, elaborate traps, in a mad scribbled arms race. I was so hoping that CC would be the PC version of that: a big ass weaponized fort builder. Instead, it’s a clunky sandbox with too many ideas shoved into it, poorly executed.

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