Humble Indie Bundle, Once More

A little update on the HIB#2:

  • Donations now at over 1.6 million dollars.
  • Donations over a certain average get access to all the games that were also in the first Humble Indie Bundle. That’s ten games (about five of which are genuinely very good) for around eight bucks, or you can donate a smaller value and still get the current five.
  • Steam keys now available, meaning you can link the games to your Steam account.
  • Puppy Games has declared that if the donations reach $1.75 million, they will release their game, Revenge of the Titans, as open source. What does this mean? Hard to say, but it potentially may mean that the game will receive significant community updates in the future… or little to no attention at all. Still, a very generous offer.

HIB2 is still a fantastic deal, and one you can feel pretty decent about participating in. One day, fourteen hours remain.

Humble Bundle