The Graphics Whore Collection – a GOGmix

Like any smart modern company, GOG are very good at getting their customers to do their marketing for them. For example, I created this GOGmix, and am putting on my (lame-o) blog.

GOGmix is an on-site tool that allows you to quickly and easily create a list of games, say a few words about them, and publish the list. The hope, obviously, is to entice members to essentially create ad content for the site, in addition to the standard reviews that show along with each game. The member shares his list with others, hopefully getting them to buy more games. Not a bad idea.

And, so, here’s one of mine: The Graphics Whore Collection – the best-looking games GOG has to offer.


How Big Race USA Made Me a Pinball Believer

I wrote this review for a contest over at for Pro Pinball: Big Race USA:

Big Race USA occupies one of those strange, treasured spots on my shelf: that of the unexpectedly marvelous. Having grown up in the age of Nintendo, it was my tendency to dismiss pinball machines as limited things, rooted to their mechanical nature and unable to provide a lasting challenge, or any real depth. And selling one lousy pinball machine as a whole game? That’s just silly.

However, there are some things that are so well put-together, and lovingly crafted, that they tend to leap over such prejudices. Big Race USA is one such thing. Continue reading