The (Old) Games of June (and possibly July)

So I’ve started using Backloggery. Yep, it’s come to this. (Backloggery is a way for players to actually publish the games they own and haven’t played, so that they play them, and finish them, for bragging rights.)

A small bit of the video games that I simply must play for some reason.

As a gamer, the past year has been more about buying games than actually playing them, so I’ve decided to just focus on playing a few of them at a time, and getting about 16 of them down by year’s end.

This month, in games that probably don’t deserve my attention:

  • I’ve almost finished the first level — in a satisfactory manner — of Sniper Elite.
  • I hope to actually finish a game of AI War: Fleet Command. I don’t care if I win or lose, but let me be brave in the attempt.
  • I’ve yet to find a quickie platformer as good as Spelunky, and as such, am returning to the game anew to replay it until I get sick of it.
  • I’m just at the last boss of Cave Story. Got there in April, I think. Died pretty quick. Haven’t been back since. I’m probably about 30 minutes of grind from the ending. Haven’t been back. Going to go back. Not sure when. Soon.