State of the (AI) War: Incoming!

It’s taken me a while to get to where I can actually play a game of AI War: Fleet Command to completion, so I’ve decided to blog the occasion, or at least the start of it.

Here’s a peek at my current game, to perhaps be explicated to a greater degree:

Current war state: we’ve taken one planet, and we’re eyeballing our next victim. Also expanding spy network currently at around 20 of 80 worlds.

One of many distribution nodes, a little treasure chest filled with crystal and metal. Or electronic death.

A Zenith Reserve, a treasure trove of one-off alien ships. Wait, is that ivy clinging to the surface?

This odd doohickey is a massive, mobile fighter factory. It’s broken, though. And expensive.

Does it mean something when a game is so complicated, it must generate its own “honey do” list?

This happy little fella basically means free ship blueprints for me! If I can get it, that is…

Well, that’s some stuff to take care of. And anyway, if you’re wondering about AI War in general, give the site a chance to explain it to you (and hey, free demo!). Or, at least read about it on RockPaperShotgun.

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