A Fine Free Font: Ubuntu Family

Fiddle around with typesetting without downloading at font.ubuntu.com.

Ubuntu Font Download   

Fonts, I love ’em. I used to go in for wild, flashy fonts, and you can download these by the dozens. Here are some good resources for you right now in that respect:

I’m old and boring now, and more than anything, what I crave from a font has changed. I like:

  • legibility at any size
  • a monospace option
  • elegance of design

In short, I’m still in love with Helvetica, am not completely disgusted with the aged Verdana, and find Consolas to be endlessly wonderful.

And I like the Ubuntu font.

Ubuntu is a professionally designed font for use in the Ubuntu Linux operating system, but you can use it anywhere. And, like the OS itself, it’s free.

Also, unlike a lot of free fonts, it’s complete. You won’t be finding many unsupported characters. It comes complete with a:

  • Regular (normal font)
  • Light (skinny font)
  • Monospace (every letter is exactly the same width, great for looking at code or log files)
  • Condensed (similar to the Impact font)
  • bold, italic, and bold+italic versions for all of the above (trust me, not every font has this support)
  • support for lots of languages (no []’s show up for unsupported characters)

It’s also not bad looking. I currently use it with Notepad++ and Q10 for writing notes, working, and writing for fun.

Ubuntu Font Download


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