Present Voyages of the Midnight Dad


Probably too old at this point to realize that life is a series of missed opportunities to make mundane choices. Tiny victories, hedging against the bleary haze of the next day. She’ll wake up anyway, may as well stay up. What shall I do?

Awesome Things To Do At Night When I’m Up and Alone and Can Still Get Away With It

  • Go for a secret late night walk
  • Drink alcohol and watch movies
  • Go out and smoke a cigar
  • Marathon a strategy game and listen to a podcast
  • Write! Freely! Aimlessly!
  • Pretty much the Gold Box List. (note: this is a personal to do list of what you might call “semi-scholastic personal enrichment” activities)
  • Watch old TV series (Star Trek and X-Files)
  • Watch old YouTube series I’ve already seen.
  • Midnight snackage — sardines on toast with capers and olives
  • Read a book in near-perfect silence
  • Order cheap crap on eBay that comes a month later
  • Make a grilled cheese sandwich only for myself
  • (line item intentionally left blank to indicate the plethora of opportunity)

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