Some links for Dickie

The following are some comic links for a good friend of mine. Read on and enjoy:


Maakies is the last vestige of a wonderful web site called that was acquired and shut down in 1998 by a Texas oil company for whatever shortsighted and retarded reasons oil companies do things. Maybe they needed to hire more geologists to examine the mud near gas stations or something.

Maakies trade paperback imprint

At any rate, Maakies is a lovingly drawn comic that I’ve been enjoying for ten years. The two main characters are an alcoholic crow and monkey, serving aboard a ship sometime in the 16 or 1700’s. It’s lost a little bit of its snap, but its author, Tony Millionaire, has managed to spin it off into a small collection of quality self-contained books, some safe for kids, some not so much. It’s a damn shame that the web site’s images are so low-res, because the artwork deserves a much larger canvas. Continue reading