1 billion pushups: the slackening

So, as I secretly expected, I fell down the stairs with regard to my resolution to complete the 100 pushups program… again. The third time. My last set was February 12th, and it was a struggle to do even the minimum. The idea that I was hitting a wall in spite of the program’s seemingly gentle curve seems to have stymied me again.

It’s now February 23rd, a full 11 days later, and the next set is even more daunting. But I’m going to make the attempt, and damn the torpedoes. (The torpedoes being jacked-up wrists and generally below-average physique.)

(Grunting sounds commence.)

Well, I was just barely able to complete the set. On my progress sheet, I’ve placed unhappy faces on set 5 to indicate that I was “only” able to complete the minimum number of pushups, this time, 25.

Coming next update: a shot of the completed week 3.

1 billion pushups progress: week 1 complete, week 2 in progress

I’m voluntarily pursuing the hundredpushups.com program over six weeks and blogging about it so I don’t crap out. So far I’ve completed week 1, and started week 2:

Week 1 complete.
Week 1 complete.
Week 2 in progress.
Week 2 in progress.

Week 2 is getting trying already, and I’m afraid of looking at week 3. My previous maximum, 20 pushups, will be the max-out for the next session. I could just barely complete the max-out for this last session, 17.  It still may not seem that I’m doing very much (and I’m not), but the first session had me complete 55 pushups; now it’s 71.

According to the program, I’ll rest my bony arms a day or two then perform another exhaustion test to sum up my progress so far, then head into week 3.

First post: https://drfrog.wordpress.com/2009/01/28/hundredpushup/

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1 billion pushups progress: Day 1

I’m voluntarily pursuing the hundredpushups.com program over the next six weeks and blogging about it so I don’t crap out. Here’s day one:

Day 1 Results
Day 1

Briefly, I did five sets of pushups, of decreasing amounts, with 60 second rests in between each. I’m guessing this is set up in decreasing fashion so that I don’t overexert myself. Incidentally, I’m pairing this exercise with an hour of walking 3-4 times a week. Again, nothing spectacular, but any exercise is good, or so I remind myself.

First post: https://drfrog.wordpress.com/2009/01/28/hundredpushup/