My Kobo e-Reader is Suddenly Useful

Archaic monster that I am, I prefer paper books, and I’ll spare you the whys. I also have an e-reader. It is a small and entirely outdated Kobo Mini. Here it is:

Kobo Mini with 5
Kobo Mini with 5″ screen

It’s got a small screen, has no light, it’s slow, has only 2GB of memory, an e-ink screen two generations behind the times, and it’s not a Kindle. It’s perfect. Again, I’ll spare you the whys, except to say that it serves my basic needs and addresses a few dislikes I have for the Kindle. And it fits in my back pocket in a pinch.
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Book Pile: Chandler

The Criminal podcast just reminded me to push Raymond Chandler a little further up the list. I really liked The Big Sleep, I just don’t have a good explanation why it took me almost two years to read it (starting over more than once).

He published his first book at 51 years of age. Never too late.

Marked for Ingestion: Physics and Malthus

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