Stronghold is cheap, available, and runs great on the EEE 701

Medieval city and siege simulator Stronghold has arrived on DRM-free game service Good Old Games (GOG). It is an old game, and it is pretty good. However, rather than evaluate the game as a game, I’m going to take a look at it in a very specific techincal sense: how well it suits play on a low-level netbook.

Seen here: Asus EEE 701, Stronghold on attached USB drive, and tiny cramp-inducing notebook mouse.

Stronghold is a decent enough RTS with good character, low system requirements, and doesn’t require too much micromanagement, though it won’t change your life or addict you for hours on end (which can be seen as a good thing). It’s six bucks American, and yours forever. I’ve also found that it’s a good game to take on the go, especially if you’re an owner of the diminutive Asus EEE 701 series.   Continue reading


Opera + Sandboxie = good performance on the EEE, with minimal disk writes

lesson learned: don’t write for half an hour on wordpress, then accidentally navigate away. you’ll lose your post.

Well, short story is best, then: sequester Opera’s activities on a Sandboxie repository on the SD drive of an Asus EEE to save disk writes. Decent performance! I’m almost concerned that Sandboxie is somehow writing to C:\ under my nose. Perhaps the speed increase (over editing Opera’s config to force it write cache, bookmarks, etc. to the SD card) is due to how Sandboxie manages disk writes from within its own system-level driver. Maybe it caches writes in memory until there’s enough to burst onto the SD? Not sure…